Guest Rooms, Suites & Apartments


Aerial view of Sea Chambers property.


Sea Chambers has three buildings of guest rooms with a variety of attributes.

Please note the location of each building. Diagrams below are not to scale.

Click or tap on individual room numbers below for room details and photos.

K = king bed           Q = queen bed

D = double bed           T = trundle bed

Optional adjoining rooms = 33A and 33B, 73 and 74

add light blue = ocean view room

The Oceanside Building

Diagram of Sea Chamber's Oceanside Building.

  • Rooms 1-18 are on our Main Level, with no stairs.
  • Rooms 19-32 are on our Upper Level, one staircase up from our Main Level.
  • Rooms 33A-39 are on our Terrace Level, down a ramp from the parking lot.
  • Rooms 40A-42 are on our Sea Level, down a ramp and a staircase.

The Poolside Building

Diagram of Sea Chamber's Maine Building.

  • Our Front Desk may be reached by ramp or by a half staircase.
  • Rooms 70 and 71 are on the Top Level, with a full staircase.
  • Rooms 72-76 are on the Ground Level, but all require stairs to enter.
  • Rooms 77 and 78 are on a Lower Level with no steps.

The Inn Building

Diagram of Sea Chamber's Inn Building.

  • Rooms 501-508 are on the First Floor, with two steps into the building.
  • Rooms 522-528 are on the Second Floor, up one full staircase.
  • Room 530 is the entire Third Floor, up two full staircases.